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Teaching through blockchain

Teaching through blockchain


By busting in, lightly in the beginning, fiery later, Bitcoin has created thanks to the introduction of blockchain technology a break with everything that surrounded the daily life. At first, it involved a small user niche. Then it expanded to people, institutions and firms increasingly curious about self-improvement and how to improve their infrastructure, becoming more receptive for everybody.

With the innovative application of Smart Contracts to the blockchain, Ethereum has tangibly contributed to spreading even more interest and development of such technology.

If until recent times there were doubts about the utility of this technology, nowadays these concerns are gradually fading thanks to the growing number of firms that test applications to this technology. However, as science teaches us, firms try to go further. They implement innovations, search for ways to increase scope fighting against its limits, experience new roads and new directions.


Affidaty spa with Be-live has the objective of bringing real value in the enterprise and institutional spheres. It considerably contributes to making every kind of message or information more precise and direct, by channeling attention level through immersive activities.
Be-live is the first teaching application that uses blockchain; it aims to increase the relationship with the target audience, conveying didactical or informative content through an Inform-Play-Win process.


Annually companies and institutions spend a large sum of money to implement strategies aimed at teaching or learning targeted to any audience (clients, staff, associates, citizens, ecc..)
Deepening the knowledge of blockchain both of its base concepts and more specifical ones, it is clear how this technology can help these environments.
The objective pursued with Be-Live is to enhance the learning of information via new ways of interaction with the content. This mechanism is supported and granted by the blockchain technology provided by TRINCI, therefore the highest security standards on the processing of personal information and computer-assisted processes.

Smart Contract

Be-live Smart Contract operates on TRINCI blockchain in IndependentChain ledger where users’ performances are stored.
This module (Be-live) represents a didactic application through blockchain. Admins – coming from public, subsidiary or private companies – can involve in their initiatives selected users, through teaching and informative content, in new and functional ways.
In principle, Be-live works as follows:

  1. Choose your objective, public, and the message to convey to achieve your goals;
  2. Create the contest: after identifying the number of users, challenge them through a completely customizable competition consisting of interactive questions;
  3. Award the user(s) that have answered correctly in the shortest time;
  4. Analyze the obtained data and your business improvements.


  • Immersive

    The admin launches a contest aiming at solving real problems or detecting habits, preferences or social cognition, involving some players coming from the concerned area. possible through the challenge

    The Admin offers a prize, like a working table where the first ten ranked companies meet industries. in such a case, the focus will be on the quality of solutions. That’s why Be-live proposes as a reliable and direct instrument.
  • Certified.

    The incredible potential of the blockchain is that it allows people that have no particular reason to trust each other, to compete without having to rely on a central authority. Blockchain is then mostly a trust-building mechanism. It is then useful for those who want to use deterministic methods that allow appearing transparent to the interlocutor. Moreover, it enables to keep public track of all outcomes and makes them available to third parties without violating privacy.
    The system will naturally aim to build trust in itself so the users can remove the original doubt, helping the Admin promoting and divulgating.
  • interactive

    Be-Live allows a profound permeation, that impacts neutrally and directly at the social level, fostering both individual and collective growth through simple messages learned by playing. It boosts creativity, opening the mind to accept words like teachings, and not as sterile propaganda.

    The ultimate goal is to provide both public and private companies a didactic instrument that allows analysis and communication. By being interactive, it can break down the political barriers and aim at the heart of the problem.
  • Dynamic

    This scientific assessment tool enables comparing benchmarks with social initiatives thanks to the application of the game theory in an interactive context.
    Be-Live allows easy social penetration, providing benefits both for the user and the company. Through the game, the concepts are easily digested as confirmed by scientific research.
    In this social experiment, there will not be limits to conceivable initiatives to teach, inform, or detect preferences, conflicts, and so on.
  • Scalable

    The admin will bring up a social experiment designed to help the wealth and social progress on multiple levels, beginning from a small community. If successful, it could be repeated on various scales, starting from a city up to the regional, national or international level, without any limits to territorial or demographic scalability.
  • shared

    Be-live is a smart-contract based on TRINCI blockchain, a technology way more potent than peer-to-peer. Inside there is a shared ledger, managed by network, trusted, public, available for inspection, but impossible to be controlled.
    The ledger follows the rules of the Be-live smart-contract, assuring the certainty of stored results and continuously keeping track of performance. In this way, it allows the existence of competition even without a jury.
  • Direct

    The governance of the environment of Be-live stays in the hands of the licensors that define roles, responsibilities, functions and awarding methods. So, it allows directing the policies of the topic, providing admins arbitrary and decisional handling, based on their knowledge, impacting with technology, abating barriers between customers and patronizer through a new social connection that, decoding the needs through the game, allows targeted intervening where a real need exists.
  • Strategical

    There is much talk about blockchain, but few are delivering results in this field. Choosing to use an interactive and strategical instrument like Be-Live is efficient in terms of the return of image and media attention. Communication experts say that the best way to promote an idea or a brand is to cultivate its community, by encouraging with prizes and interaction. This concept, coupled with the transparency offered by blockchain, pays back in terms of return of image.


  • Be-live can be compared with a decentralized hackathon that cuts down organizational costs but also ones referring to event management, both from the operative and users sides, maximizing adhesions.
    Playing we learn faster as reported by scientifical research. In this module, the social experiment doesn’t limit conceivable scenarios to educate through gamification.
  • Triggers scenarios where industry stimulates innovative startups to solve real problems through a healthy mind competition.
    -Allows to carry on surveys in an innovative way with which it is possible to understand the level of social knowledge by analyzing the outcomes of games and consequently being able to make sound choices on communication.
  • Brings to light real problems in share projects that, if creatively assisted by universities, research institutes or R&D departments, incite the rise of a new decentralized and peer-to-peer formative era.
    Rewards encourage people to give their best and create a healthy competition that promotes the learning of possible problematics or social content that fosters both individual and collective growth.

Installing and using the module.

Affidaty spa aims at raising awareness on the potentialities deriving from the use of Be-live. That’s why, in this phase, the installation and use of this module are carried on following an agile operativity.

  1. Briefing and delivery of user manual
  2. Subscription of as a service licence
  3. Backend customization
  4. Contest scheduling
  5. Invitation sent to target list
  6. Contest launch