Quality Policy

Affidaty S.p.A is committed to expanding the areas and markets in which it operates, developing ever more high-tech, innovative products. To achieve its objectives and to keep them over time, Affidaty S.p.A implements a Quality Management System relying on UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 regulations. The Business Management System developed by Affidaty S.p.A was developed so as to ensure an efficient use of resources, by focusing its full attention on the expectations of customers and stakeholders. The quality-focused Business Continuity implemented by Affidaty is understood as:

“The ability to ensure regular planning and development of goods and services, this way safeguarding explicit and implicit needs of customers”.

Furthermore, Quality should be intended as a business value which everyone can relate to. Every tool that the Management System provides should be understood as a means that everyone can use to improve their work.

Affidaty S.p.A Administration is committed to promoting and taking care of the factors critical to success and to its path of improvement, which are as follows:

  • An authentic and motivated approach to customers’ real satisfactions and necessities;
  • The full understanding of their needs and the ability to manage them according to the system requirements;
  • Employee participation: each member works, in their various capacities, at the quality processes, research work and implementation of higher and higher technological solutions at the service of the market; 
  • Selection and qualification of providers, also affecting the final quality of goods and processes, and their inclusion, while this may not be their responsibility, in the achievement of business objectives;
  • Identification of new technologies’ changing needs, with the aim of developing new products and processes able to meet markets’ expectations;
  • Improvement of business standards through consistent research and development activities;
  • The desire to work in an environment which can be positive, reassuring and promising for the organization, its employees and all stakeholders. With the adoption of this quality policy, Affidaty S.p.A Administration and Area Managers are committed to promoting the above-mentioned guidelines and to leading the organization to an excellent level of compliance with mandatory requirements, as well as with those involving customers, the system and the regulations.

The CEO of Affidaty S.p.A.
Dane Marciano

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