Vot8 drastically reduces the management and ballot expenses of traditional voting systems, offering certified data in real time.

E-Vote - Smart Contracts Faretra - Mobile - voto in blockchain

Vot8: blockchain-certified voting system

Vot8 is a blockchain-certified voting system that includes a digital identity verification protocol, which can be integrated with the most common systems already in place (e.g. SPID) and an interface for voting.

Vot8 uses a timestamp to record the preferences of the user on the blockchain as the proof of integrity. Also, by decoupling public keys and identities, Vot8 guarantees total anonymity.

E-Vote - Smart Contracts Faretra - Mobile - voto in blockchain

Onboarding on the digital electoral system

The Vot8 module is fully customisable and editable according to the needs of any public or private entity, it is provided with a very simple admin side back-office where organisers can enter the names of the candidates, photos and any additional information, and select the groups of users enabled for voting.

Users who access the Vot8 module, via the App or via an online platform, will only have to create a personal PIN when registering for the form, enter the required information to confirm the validity of their voting rights and wait a few seconds for the system to activate their account.

E-Vote - Smart Contracts Faretra - Numeri - voto in blockchain
E-Vote - Smart Contracts Faretra - voto in blockchain

Why Vot8

Vot8 allows voters to participate in secure voting at any time and in any place, drastically reducing election costs. Results are available in real time with a specific report, eliminating the ballot costs.

  • Voter identity certainty
  • Voters know their vote has been successfully registered
  • Received votes are in no way attributable to the voter
  • The use of T.R.I.N.C.I. by Affidaty blockchain, which makes voting inviolable,
    immutable, and excludes double voting
  • Instant ballot and election results
E-Vote - Smart Contracts Faretra - voto in blockchain

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