Trust8 is a retail tracking protocol that monitors and records production phases, documenting everything in a Track Record History certified on the blockchain.

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Full traceability

Trust8 is a smart contract for traceability that allows users to certify the origin of the products, guaranteeing full transparency over the activities of the production lines and making the shopping experience more accountable, safe and interactive.

Co-Trust8 - Smart Contracts Faretra - Prodotti

What does it do?

Trust8 protects consumers from frauds or scams by eliminating the risk of purchasing fake or counterfeit products that could also be harmful to health.

Trust8 tracking system can be easily integrated with the most modern automated product reading and scanning systems to provide a certified Track

Record History of all the production phases and all the components of the supply chain.

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How it works

Once the relevant data has been entered into the track record history on the blockchain, the system produces a QRCode or an adhesive NFC tracker.

Both methods can be customised with the manufacturer’s logo.

Customers then read the symbol by framing the QR code or activating the NFC sensor with a smartphone and the relevant information immediately appears on the screen.

Affidaty NFC QR code


To try the Trust8 demo for free, click on the link below and fill out the form with your requests and we’ll send you access to the online back office where you can enter your information, save it onto the blockchain and generate a QRCode to be scanned.

This can be read by all devices and will display the data entered, the time stamp when the block was closed, the specific hash and the geolocation of the user.

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Co-Trust8 - Smart Contracts Faretra

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