The Liv8 module allows anyone to create highly engaging gaming content for
Giveaways, Contests and Promotions.

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Effective relationship building

Contests made using the Liv8 module are peer-to-peer quizzes (question-answer with immediate results), which challenge participants to resolve a puzzle or complete a task to win prizes.

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What does it do?

Liv8 is the first marketing application to effectively use blockchain technology.

Aimed at encouraging and simplifying the transmission of content towards selected target audiences, Liv8 module increases brand interaction and consequently customer loyalty.

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How it works: admin side

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Choose objectives

Liv8 allows contest organisers to select audiences by specific categories (gender, age, location) and choose the content to reach set goals.

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Reward winners

Once the rounds of the contest are over, discover the winners and reward those users who answered correctly and in the shortest time.

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Create the contest

Once the target audience has been set, create the contest / game by selecting the content, the number of rounds, the questions to be answered and the prizes up for grabs.

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Analyse results

After the contest, Liv8 analyses all data on the participating public, assessing the degree of knowledge of the content and engagement levels.

Simple set up

  • Target

    Choose who should participate in the contest from the users of your App and write the message you want to use.

  • Duration

    Select the duration of the contest, from a minimum of one day up to a maximum of 12 months.

  • Rounds

    Set the number of rounds and create the corresponding questions, one round is equivalent to a question.

  • Awards

    Set the winning criteria and choose the prize that the winner or winners will receive.

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Be-live - Smart Contracts Faretra
Be-live - Smart Contracts Faretra

Fast contact

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