With 4ction anyone can create a blockchain-based mobile e-commerce, allowing customers to quickly and easily order and pay for products and services in complete security.

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Simple, secure, e-commerce

Any business can use this smart contract without the aid of qualified personnel to upload its inventory. All resellers have to do is open the admin form, upload photos of available products, indicate the price and product description and publish them through their proprietary application.

Action - Smart Contracts Faretra - Mobile

What does it do?

4ction is completely customisable and is supplied with a very easy-to-use admin interface where resellers can insert photos and descriptions of the various products and establish the selling price.

Users simply open the form, scroll through available products, select them and pay for them

through their personal internal wallet, which can be loaded with any payment method

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Tokens available for purchases

When you create your App using our white-label solutions, you get to use our fully-collateralized circuit token to manage all your transactions. Customers simply top up their personal wallets with digital token and can then purchase products and services across the entire circuit.

If instead you prefer to create your own branded digital asset, usable only within your circuit, you can create it and manage it quickly and easily through our Dev platform.

E-Vote - Smart Contracts Faretra - Token - voto in blockchain

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