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Faretra opens the way towards a new conception of multidimensional IT systems, offering easy-to-program white label smart-apps designed to help companies enter a new digital era of blockchain applications. Discover them all, in the menu Faretra – Smart contracts.

Smart contract that can be installed within your App

Faretra’s fully customisable white-label smart apps can be embedded directly into existing
apps and workflows, making it the fastest way to bring the added security and trust of the
blockchain into your business.

Action - Smart Contracts Faretra


4ction represents the first real alternative to the giants of online sales. With this module, e-commerce sites have all the simplicity and efficiency of professionally designed user experiences with a substantial reduction in commissions.

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Action - Smart Contracts Faretra - Mobile
Be-Live - Smart Contracts Faretra - Mobile
Be-live - Smart Contracts Faretra


Liv8 enhances the interaction with users of your App, delivering content through innovative competition-based mechanisms backed by the blockchain.

Ideal for highly engaging Information-Play-Win processes, Liv8 makes any content more effective, direct and interactive.

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Be-Live - Smart Contracts Faretra - Mobile
Co-Trust8 - Smart Contracts Faretra


Trust8 is the tracking protocol that securely records and stores information relating to deterministic actions in a track record history, such as: monitoring, loading and unloading, generation or destruction of assets, allocations, ticket offices and access controls.

The system also delivers reports on the scans, types of users and the geolocation of the interactions, offering a guarantee of quality to the consumer and, at the same time, protecting the manufacturer from counterfeiting.

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Co-Trust8 - Smart Contracts Faretra
E-Vote - Smart Contracts Faretra - Mobile - voto in blockchain
E-Vote di Affidaty - voto live in blockchain - voto in blockchain


Vot8 is the voting system running on the T.R.I.N.C.I. blockchain and designed to solve all the problems related to the most common systems vote.

The enhanced technological security protocols combined with the absolute certainty of individual identity as well as the identity/vote decoupling, guarantee maximum inviolability and transparency, drastically reducing timing and management costs.

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E-Vote - Smart Contracts Faretra - Mobile - voto in blockchain

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