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The story of Affidaty dates back to April 2016 and an idea of Dane Marciano, CEO and Founder of the company. Thanks to the contribution of the 4 co-founding partners Niccolò Quattrini, Riccardo Setti, Marco Balduini and Jacopo Perillo, Affidaty is now a thriving reality that creates innovative and revolutionary technological solutions for businesses, with a particular focus on the development of blockchain technologies within modern data management and sharing applications.

In 2017, Affidaty was transformed into a public limited company, strengthening its position on the market and further developing its proprietary technology. Growth has been rapid and in November of the same year, Affidaty became co-founder of Infrachain, together with multinational giants and the state of Luxembourg. Infrachain is an organization whose goal is to promote the use and application of blockchain technology in the field of Data Protection (GDPR).

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Affidati S.p.A. – The Founders

Today, Affidaty S.p.A. can be defined as a thriving ambassador of innovation. With extreme transparency, Affidaty has grown into an innovative technological company that will be a leading proponent of the fourth digital revolution of information systems. Affidaty S.p.A. provides advanced, intelligent solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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