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The story of Affidaty dates back to April 2016 and an idea of Dane Marciano, CEO and Founder of the company. Thanks to the contribution of the 3 co-founding partners Niccolò Quattrini, Riccardo Setti and Marco Balduini, Affidaty is now a thriving reality that creates innovative and revolutionary technological solutions for businesses, with a particular focus on the development of blockchain technologies within modern data management and sharing applications.

In 2017, Affidaty was transformed into a public limited company, strengthening its position on the market and further developing its proprietary technology. Growth has been rapid and in November of the same year, Affidaty became co-founder of Infrachain, together with multinational giants and the state of Luxembourg. Infrachain is an organization whose goal is to promote the use and application of blockchain technology in the field of Data Protection (GDPR).

The Founders

Today, Affidaty S.p.A. can be defined as a thriving ambassador of innovation. With extreme transparency, Affidaty has grown into an innovative technological company that will be a leading proponent of the fourth digital revolution of information systems. Affidaty S.p.A. provides advanced, intelligent solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Here are the founders of this story.



Affidaty - About us - Chi siamo - Setti



Affidaty - About us - Chi siamo - Quattrini


International Relations

Affidaty - About us - Chi siamo - Balduini


Financial Advisor

Bring your passion

Choosing to work in Affidaty means choosing to work on projects destined to write the history of digital.

Knowing how to code is your entry ticket, but it will only get you to first base, because while we only choose people who work well in teams, who demonstrate talent, vision and determination, we also look for an innate ability to share, teach and learn.

We were born to experiment, which is why we’re attracted solely to technologically challenging projects that bring the understanding and use of the blockchain to new heights.

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Work in Affidaty

Coding, not dress coding

We look for extraordinary talent and work side by side to help them reach their full potential.

There are no strict hierarchies or dress codes in Affidaty

It’s a young and informal place to work in, but be prepared to learn. A lot.

Hands-on growth

We want our people to grow exceptionally fast.

a friendly but challenging workgroup

If you’re the type who doesn’t shy away from hard work, and you’re always ready to go the extra mile, we’re there to help you grow fast hands-on training and a world of challenges to overcome.

Write tomorrow’s rules

Very soon, our technologies will be used and loved by millions of people around the world, generating immense business opportunities that simply weren’t possible before.

Your ideas and your work count

Projects in Affidaty will have a direct impact on the future, and matter more than you can possibly imagine.

No distractions, just blockchain

Our new headquarters in Grosseto has been designed to be a working environment like few others.

From today, the Italian Blockchain has a new home.

We have chosen a location away from distractions that we are transforming into the first HUB dedicated to the growth of tomorrow’s talents.  

We care about safety

To limit the spread of Coronavirus, all interviews will be carried out remotely

Open job position in Affidaty S.p.A.

Requisiti richiesti:

  • typescript/javascript ecma6
  • nodejs
  • rust (or c++/go/c)
  • nosql
  • cryptography
  • distributed system
  • devops

Il presente annuncio è rivolto a candidati di entrambi i sessi, ai sensi dell’art 27, D.Lgs 198/2006.

Si prega di inviare Curriculum Vitae dettagliato con autorizzazione alla Privacy (qualora sprovvisto, non sarà preso in considerazione).

Requisiti Richiesti:
  • Maggiore età;
  • Diploma o Laurea;
  • Disponibilità a trasferte;
  • Conoscenza del pc e dei più utilizzati software di gestione, navigazione internet e controllo posta elettronica;
  • Dimestichezza con i principali Social Network;
  • Conoscenza della Lingua Inglese;
  • Residenza/Domicilio in zona Grosseto.
Principali mansioni:
  • Controllo ed aggiornamento del Calendario e degli eventi;
  • Corrispondenza;
  • Contabilità ordinaria, prima nota e fatturazione attiva/passiva;
  • Gestione documentazione.
Il presente annuncio è rivolto a candidati di entrambi i sessi, ai sensi dell’art 27, D.Lgs 198/2006Si prega di inviare Curriculum Vitae dettagliato con autorizzazione alla Privacy (qualora sprovvisto, non sarà preso in considerazione).

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