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The Synkrony circuit:
a world of solutions in a single App

Create your App and open your Synkrony Wallet.

By creating your Synkrony App and consequently your Synkrony wallet, you will get immediate access to all the blockchain applications present in the Synkrony circuit, a world of interaction and sharing of data and information in continuous development that creates and distributes value to all users. Having an App of the Synkrony circuit will also allow you to manage payments, the administrative, legal, commercial and all data transfers deriving from Faretra's Smart-Contract activities present within your App.


Smart contract that can be installed inside your App.

Affidaty's Faretra is a world in continuous development, a laboratory of ideas for the management and intelligent sharing of data. Currently there are 3 Smart Contracts available for your App, but every time our development team makes others available, with different functions but always interconnected with existing ones, all you have to do is add it to your App. The process is immediate is simple.

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Action is the module that allows users of your App to order and pay, easily and quickly, the products and services of your business, using the coin of the Synkrony circuit or your personal coin. Action preserves the user experience typical of the famous e-Commerce but drastically reduces sales commissions. Users of your App will only have to open the form, scroll through the available products, select them and pay them with their personal wallet, which can be loaded with any payment method.

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Contest is the main feature of Be-live, the module for interacting with the users of the App by sending messages and information of any kind. Make any content more effective and direct, channel the level of attention and increase the engagement through increasingly engaging and interactive activities. Increase the penetration of your messages and increase the loyalty of your customers.

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Co.Trust8 is the module that allows users of the App, through the Interact function, to interact with products and objects of the circuit, receiving information from them. By opening Interact or keeping it in the background, the user has at his disposal a series of information receivers (depending on the smartphone you have) that, by bringing the smartphone closer to the object, interact with it showing the desired information. Check the originality of products, discover their supply chain and interact with all the other functions that Co.Trust8 allows to do interacting with the other modules present in the App

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Join the Synkrony circuit:

Create your own app or, if you already have one,
request the installation of one of our Smart Contracts

To be able to become part of the Synkrony circuit and exploit for your business all the Affidaty quiver's smart-contracts, create your own App starting from our White Label "App_y", completely castomizzabile with your brand. If you already have an app, it will be possible to install one or more Smart Contracts through our Dev platform.

Action represents the first real alternative to the giants of the likes of Amazon and E-Bay. Through this module you exploit all the simplicity of the user experience, typical of large e-commerce businesses, but with a consistent reduction in commission costs.

Be-Live is the module that distorts the interaction with the users of the App, conveying messages and information with a highly innovative process guaranteed by the blockchain. Through the Contest function you make any content more effective and direct, channeling the level of attention through an increasingly engaging and interactive get informed-play-win process.

Co.Trust8 is the tracking protocol that allows you to record in a track record history information relating to any type of product or batch of products, which will appear on users' smartphones through the Interact function. The system will also deliver reports on scans, information on types of users and geolocation of interactions.


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