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By creating the Synkrony Wallet and consequently the Synkrony Alias, you will have immediate access to all blockchain applications from Affidaty's Faretra. It will open a world of interaction and sharing of data and information, which is continuously developing and that creates and shares value with all users. Moreover, through the Synkrony Alias, you will be able to manage payments, the administrative, legal, commercial sides, and all data transfers deriving from the activity of smart contracts.

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Be-live is a smart contract meant for teaching through blockchain. This technology allows admins, coming from public, private, or company-owned firms, to involve selected users and inform them about didactical and informational matters. It is a brand new, and functional, iteration system that employs cutting edge methodologies that assist learning, stimulating competition through the assignment of rewards to better-prepared users.

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Co.trust8 is a smart contract meant to ensure traceability through blockchain. It allows to register all production processes of any product and enabling consumers to check all the steps inside the supply chain via smartphone.

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Ary4 is a smart-contract meant for terrestrial dislocations. It seeks to make less boring waiting at various desks while enhancing the speed and efficiency of the process. One will not waste any more time waiting for its turn thanks to the new concept of digital attestation working through blockchain technology.

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E-choice is a smart-contract that stimulates a new conception of peer-to-peer organization, designed to acquire financial resources to be allocated in research projects. A new interaction system that within a competition allows users to take part in several contests, assisting the creation of financial resources and redistributing wellness to users through a reward system.

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Download the Wallet
and create your Synkrony Alias

Download the Wallet and create your
Synkrony Alias

All smart contracts from faretra are easily accessible through the Synkrony Alias, Affidaty's multimedia environment. Download the Wallet, register free of charge, and begin to enjoy the several advantages that blockchain offers you, creating benefits, incentives, and generating new opportunities for the entire network.


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