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In order to take advantage of all Affidaty's Faretra smart-contracts for your business, create your own customized App starting from our White-Label, fully customizable with your brand. If, on the other hand, you already have an app, it will soon be possible to install one or more Faretra Smart Contracts inside our Dev platform.

Smart contracts that can be installed within your App.

Affidaty's Quiver is a world in continuous development, a laboratory of ideas for the management and intelligent sharing of data. Currently there are 3 Smart Contracts available for your App, but each time our development team makes others available, with different functions but always interconnected with the existing ones, all you have to do is add it to the App. The procedure is immediate is simple.

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Action represents the first real alternative to the giants of online sales. Through this module, you take advantage of all the simplicity of the user experience, typical of large e-commerce, but with a substantial reduction in commission costs.

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Be-live is the module that upsets the interaction with users of the App, conveying content through competitive, highly innovative and guaranteed by the blockchain gaming processes. Through its many fields of applicability it makes any content more effective and direct, channeling the level of attention through an increasingly engaging and interactive process of information-play-win.

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Co.Trust8 is the tracking protocol that allows you to record the information relating to deterministic actions in a track record history, such as: monitoring, loading and unloading, generation or destruction of assets, allocations, saddle validation ticket office and access control. It also allows you to track any type of product or batch of products. The system will also deliver reports on the scans, information on the types of users and on the geolocation of the interactions, offering a guarantee of quality to the consumer and, at the same time, protecting the manufacturer from counterfeiting.

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E-Vote is the voting system guaranteed by the T.R.I.N.C.I. blockchain thought to solve all the problems related to the most common systems vote. The basic technology safety standards combined with certainty of individual identity and identity / vote decoupling, guarantee maximum inviolability and transparency of preferences, drastically reducing timing and management costs.

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Applications et interactions blockchain

Faretra represents the first multidimensional system that opens the way to a new conception of IT systems, offering the market a model capable of creating a network without focal points via the White Label app accessible and easy to program by anyone via control panels with reserved access , which would favor a new digital era of blockchain applications: smart-apps or intelligent connections between functions.

This technological philosophy connects separate worlds, creating integrated systems that before T.R.I.N.C.I. they could not be imagined. The Smart- Contracts of the various modules are not simple applications aimed at offering services, but rather ecosystems with specific purposes that can be qualified as interconnected structures that assist real-life advantages, distributing workloads and income in an interactive community that works in synergy. Users participating in the various activities, thanks to the cancellation of distances, involuntarily collaborate with each other by promoting the flow of the economy, individual and collective growth and encouraging the progress and well-being of humanity.

One of the countless possible cases of intelligent interconnection is the Smart- Contract called "WE ARE Smart Life", which represents a deterministic connection that allows the sharing of the warehouse / portfolio, via "skyu", allowing you to sell goods that are not physically in possession of an operator. For example: if a customer goes to the site of his trusted store and does not find the product he is looking for because it is available in another business, if these two legal entities jointly sign the "WE ARE Smart Life" Smart-Contract, they could respectively multiply their offer at no cost, without losing customers or selling them to third parties, strengthening their brand position and effectively contrasting the phenomenon of large e-commerce.


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