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TEDxGrosseto Xtra Time – time to take responsibility - Affidaty Blog

As an innovative startup, we believed in Richard Harris' ambitious project from the very beginning. Innovation, especially in a period like the one we are experiencing due to # Covid19, must be the driving force of a path that can and must bring new energy to our territory to have greater competitiveness and to leave room for voices and ideas it is worth spreading. With this iron will and driven by our usual enthusiasm, we decided to support the project immediately as a “Media Partner” #TEDxGrosseto, hoping it will be the first of a long series.



A Grosseto-based company among the winners of the Innovation Oscar

Today I met Niccolò Quattrini and Riccardo Setti, two of the founding members of Affidaty S.p.A., an innovative hardware and software development company, based in Grosseto but with offices throughout Italy, specialized in finding solutions for the integration, transmission and saving of data and in especially in "blockchain" applications ...



Technical Table - Blockchain & Ai - Chamber of Deputies

As Affidaty we are proud to be able to make our technical and academic contribution to the # InnovationPaper, but above all we are proud to be able to convey the passion with which in recent years we have faced the numerous technological challenges on the theme #blockchain and #Ai.




What better time than the Infrachain Summit to present our SDK? The first Italian Infrachain Summit was held.



International Symposium on Digital Earth

Organizers, promoters and speakers of the round table "From Da Vinci to Nakamoto: Innovation, Trust and Logic under the sign of Blockchain adoption" during the International Symposium on Digital Earth 2019, which Florence to celebrate its twentieth anniversary.



Single control room for digital Italy

On you can read an interesting analysis that deals with the theme of digital culture in Italy: from the impact in administrative processes to productive processes. Among the “artisans” of this new air the journalist Riccardo Pilat cites Affidaty as an example of the Italian Renaissance 4.0.



Blockchain, the “Trinci” platform ready for debut

A single platform to develop all types of blockchain applications, with accurate solutions for the business world but also for public administrations. Now available to everyone with the relative SDK.



SIOSSummerEdition & StartupItalia - Stazione Leopolda Firenze

Follow Affidaty calendar to discover events, latest news and the scheduled initiatives.
Contact us to learn how to attend the events.



Computational law and blockchain festival 2019 - Torino Node 30 March 2019

Alongside Legal Hackers as a sponsor of the event that took place at Fondazione Agnelli, to talk about Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and useful Application for companies.



Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Proudly promotors and lead actors of the meeting aimed to design and implementation of technical-strategical-educational projects in the areas of innovation, technology, 4.0 industry and blockchain



Lombardia Fintech Network

Guests at the event "Blockchain and how can it be useful to enterprises", promoted by "Unioncamere Lombardia" and "Regione Lombardia". The meeting was focussed on the display of several fintech instruments available for businesses and the blockchain, paying particular attention to its corporation applicability



Cyber challenge - University of Perugia

We are proud to announce our collaboration with the University of Perugia, to create the next generation of cyber defenders.



Affidaty S.P.A brings blockchain to Argentina

Payment systems, smart legal contracts creation systems, voting system and normalization of data systems.



Combined meetup of Infrachain and BLKCC

The Italian startup Affidaty is, together with the government of Luxembourg and the international firms Deloitte, KPMG and Allen & Overy, one of the founding members of Infrachain (, a non-profit organization, aimed at the development and promotion of blockchain technologies inside and outside the European Union.