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Blockchain for the world of education

Be-live is the first didactic smart-contract, aimed at conveying didactical or informational materials through a new process Inform-Play-Win. This procedure promotes a healthy competition that helps the learning of issues and social contents, stimulating the growth both of individuals and society.

What it does

Be-live is similar to a decentralized Hackathon, which triggers scenarios where the demand stimulates the offer to overcome obstacles in the frame of healthy competition between brains. This system unearths real problems in shared projects that, if creatively assisted by universities, research institutes or r&d departments, could foster the rise of a new formative era in the decentralized peer to peer field.

Raising awareness

Be-live technology launches an innovative model aimed at easing the dynamic interexchange, designed to encourage a community to get involved and find solutions to complex problems via competition


Playing together, we learn way faster, as confirmed by scientific researches. In this module the social experiment doesn't set limits to the design of scenarios, aiming at the education via gamification


The participation in intellectual competitions aimed at bringing forward remedies for real problems promotes the formation of a composite and polyhedric knowledge in the social layer. furthermore, it allows reaching higher levels of awareness

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How does it work

Pick your objective

Choose the content that you want to broadcast and your audience to reach your objective.

Create your contest

After registering your users, challenge them with a game/contest completely customizable.


The user(s) that answered correctly in the minimum amount of time.


The obtained data and the progress in the company.

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Create the contest


Choose who is going to take part in your contest.


Decide the duration, starting from 5 days up to 12 months.


Set the number of rounds, from 5 up to 15.


Pick the prize for the winner.

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Everything is granted and protected by blockchain.

Be-Live is a smart contract hosted on T.R.I.N.C.I which is more potent than peer-to-peer technology. It is a public, share, trusted ledger, and it is handled by the independentchain.io network. Everyone can verify its content, but nobody can be in control. The ledger of the blocks follows the rule of the Be-Live smart contract, granting certainty in the rankings and always keeping a trace of performance. So, in this way, it allows the existence of competition even without a jury.


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