We have revolutionised data management, analysis, storage and sharing

by creating a secure, decentralised, physically distributed and developed
technology on a blockchain the power of which evolves in proportion to the
node number.

We are developing tomorrow's ideas today.

Affidaty S.p.A. is a hardware & software development company, focused on finding solutions for integrating, transmitting and storing data. We also implement blockchain applications to be marketed, with a particular focus on using innovative architectural approaches, as well as conceptualising and designing certified-node networks, high-performing and with reduced power consumption, within which to develop these projects. Every blockchain application is implemented on the opensource platform T.R.I.N.C.I., a distributed and decentralised and flexible environment catering to every need, designed and developed in its entirety by Affidaty S.p.A., which uses a hardware network specifically designed to ensure the highest operation and security standards. An operating system with programmable modules using certified nodes, so smart as to allow for any blockchain application to develop, in a corporate environment and in public and private ones alike.


“Trust Rating in International Network Customizable Intelligence”


Affidaty has conceived and developed TRINCI, an operating system susceptible of multiple application capabilities, which, by hybridising the specific characteristics of private and public systems, works as a public and/or private blockchain, all the while maintaining the same security and structural integrity features throughout. Without affecting the stability or speed of the information transferred, TRINCI is the fastest and most modular data transfer system that has been certified in a decentralised and distributed environment. This type of technology has made it possible to develop interconnected, intercommunicating blockchain applications in turn creating a certification network in relation to all relationship types, thereby redistributing and sharing wealth throughout the network through Smart Contracts.


Affidaty has come up with and tested a range of solutions in order to find the best hardware to run its blockchain and operating system – T.R.I.N.C.I. –, solving many of the problems related to traditional "mining", especially electricity consumption. As a result, it now possesses specific hardware for blockchain applications, optimised for high performance with extremely low power consumption, so as to be considered in all respects "sustainable". Compact dimensions optimise the required space, which makes it susceptible of being installed anywhere. In addition, the hardware has been designed and built with the highest tolerance standards in relation to temperature shifts so that it may be shipped to the most remote areas on the planet. Exceptional speed, extremely low power consumption, miniaturisation – Affidaty is shifting the paradigm for mining hardware and any blockchain application.

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