Dott. Niccolò Quattrini

Dott. Niccolò Quattrini

Co Founder - Relations Manager Affidaty S.p.A. (Blockchain Technology Provider)

Responsible for the promotion, elaboration, management and coordination of agreements / conventions and programs with national and foreign public and private institutions, international cooperation projects, as well as management of activities envisaged by the networks.


University of Florence - Faculty of Economics and Business

Specialist Degree in Business Administration (Government and business management, Personnel Management).

Master's thesis: "Franchising: Florence and Madrid, two realities compared THE CASE HARD ROCK CAFE '"

Master's Degree in Business Administration (Business and Management)

Master's thesis: "Business relations between Spain and Italy, import and export in the example of a multinational."

Master of Management Engineering I.F.T.S ". Higher technician for the integrated management of the Supply Chain and production control"

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