And here we are at the end of 2019, the year in which our agenda literally exploded. Already this in itself is a goal, since you know: doing business is not easy, especially in a sector in constant evolution like ours, the new technologies. And instead, the calendar was full of appointments to present the potential of our system, traveling around Italy all the way to Europe, Africa and with some tips also in Latin America. Many prestigious events we attended, from the 11th Symposium on Digital Heart to the first Italian Infrachain Blockchain Summit and many new features that we presented, one on all our Developer platform with its SDK.

A year therefore full of satisfactions, goals and confirmations that only in 2018 seemed unattainable, ending even with the Italian innovation Oscar withdrawn to the Chamber of Deputies during the Angi National Award. An award that makes us proud and that repays the efforts and investments of almost 4 years of activity.

Eleven categories and twenty-six awarded companies, distinguished during the year for commitment, professionalism and ingenuity in the most varied fields of technology and digital, the hall of Parliamentary Groups full of people and the Minister of Innovation Paola Pisano who signed the the Young Innovators Manifesto, a document that represents the efforts undertaken by ANGI in its years of activity. To moderate the event Daniel Della Seta, host of “L ’Italia che va ..” and Federica De Vizia, institutional face of Rai Parlamento. There were many important positions present who brought their testimony on the theme of inovation: from Anna Ascani, Deputy Minister of Education, University and Research to Carlo Ferro President of the ICE – Italian Trade & Investment Agency Agency, from Carlo Corazza Director European expansion in Italy, up to Vito Borrelli Head of the Europe Commission in Italy. The conclusions were entrusted to the Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies Francesco Boccia.

In this frame, a symbol of the transversal nature of innovation, receiving a special award for blockchain technology and for the goals achieved crowns the best of the end of 2019, the year in which as never before we have laid the foundations for our future.

“Special thanks for the words spent in favor of all young people who believe in the future of our country, encouraging innovation, we would also like to address it to Paola Pisano Minister of Innovation, Angelo Tofalo State Secretary to the Ministry of Defense, Francesco Boccia – Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies, Anna Ascani Deputy Minister of Education and to all the institutions that sponsor and support Italy that works.

Thank you…”These are the words of our CEO Dane Marciano on stage to represent Affidaty S.p.A.

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