Affidaty Blockchain


Affidaty has developed T.R.I.N.C.I. 2.0, a modular, performing, open source framework for the construction of blockchains.

 Thanks to its compliance with current legal and financial regulations, the design of T.R.I.N.C.I. 2.0 is suitable for its use in business contexts. It is a perfect match for every activity in need of inviolable protocols and high-level services to ensure its own processes integrity, rapidity and safety.

Affidaty Blockchain


Affidaty’s Independent Chain is a network consisting of one public and three types of decentralized, certified and distributed networks.

They consist of high-efficiency and low energy consumption nodes. Independent chain was designed to sustain any business project and enterprise infrastructure guaranteeing safety, highest quality standards and the lowest environmental impact.

Affidaty Blockchain


The multi-business scalability of T.R.I.N.C.I. 2.0’s core and the high performances of the Independent Chain’s network have been key to the creation of several applications. These include value and data exchange which are decentralized, distributed and compliant with current regulations.

Affidaty Blockchain

Services for developers

Affidaty S.p.A has built a platform that allows for comprehensive management and monitoring of blockchain subscription-based services through Licensing As a Service solutions. Our aim is to provide IT departments and developers working with T.R.I.N.C.I. with an interface suited for use, modification of and interaction with their applications.