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Affidaty S.p.A is a technology provider founded in 2016 and specialized in the development and creation of blockchain architectures. 

It is currently a stakeholder of the “Cabina di Regia Benessere Italia for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers” for the DLT/Blockchain area and co-founder of Infrachain, which is a non-profit European organization supporting the normalization of blockchain technology for its use in the industrial sector.

Affidaty - Infografica Centrata e Decentrata

From a centralized  vision
to a decentralized one

Affidaty S.p.A. is a hardware & software development company, focused on finding
solutions for the integration, transmission and storage of data with particular attention to the
use of innovative architectural approaches, and the study & design of certified node
networks with very high performance and low energy consumption.

Our operating system is based on programmable modules and certified nodes that allow
any blockchain application to be developed, both in the private and public sectors.

Affidaty - Infografica Centrata e Decentrata

Blockchain, ethics and sustainability:
Our contribution to a greener future

The world is not an infinite space. The resources our planet can produce each year are limited, above all with a growing population that leads to increasingly expensive supply cycles with serious environmental impacts.

At Affidaty, we believe that technology should be used to rethink the way we produce and consume, promoting a more efficient organization of our natural resources that takes into account the environmental implications of our actions.

Nature shapes. Technology creates

Ours is a world of technological creatives. Digital artists who use logic, vision and passion to create new forms of collaboration built on trust, ethics and transparency.

We are the architects of a better future. Professionals who understand the full potential of what the blockchain can do, but also embrace the responsibility to make it available to anyone who shares our values.
We’re not just coding. We’re creating.

Why not join us?

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